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Changelog ver 1.4

[MODELS] New models imported for units, abilities and effects.
[ICONS] New icons created for units and abilities.
[EFFECTS] New ability effects.
[SOUNDS] Music and sounds imported.
[GAME] Implemented game menu to select game mode.
[HERO SELECTION] Increased char selection time.
[ITEMS] Fixed Arayah to properly give all the stats.
[ITEMS] Fixed Raiju Storm to properly give the all stats.
[PORTALS] Removed unneeded portal.
[CHARS] Niobe: skills increased damage.
[CHARS] Niobe: Frenzy attack speed increased from %3/5/7/9 to %4/7/10/12.
[CHARS] Aioros: Bust of Sagittarius reworked.
[CHARS] Aioros: Atomic Thunderbolt reworked.
[CHARS] Frey: Orb's Nature's Grace healing decreased from 100 to 80.
[CHARS] Frey: Orb's Nature's Grace cooldown increased from 8 to 10.
[CHARS] Afrodita: Royal Demon Rose fixed damage to properly deal damage+mana bonus.
[CHARS] Afrodita: Bloody Rose cannot be denied by allies in this version.
[CHARS] Shaka: Tenbu Hourin fixed damage to correctly deal %40Mana+damage.
[CHARS] Shaka: Tenbu Hourin now shows damage done to targets.
[CHARS] Shaka: Tenbu Hourin casts faster.
[CHARS] Shaka: Divinity is better explained in the ability description.
[CHARS] Saori: Athena's Shield nerfed cooldown.
[CHARS] Docrates: Bloody Claws increased damage.
[CHARS] Docrates: Wooden Projectile Increased damage.
[CHARS] Docrates: Heracles Mo Shu Ken Increased damage.
[CHARS] Aiacos: Galactic Illusion
[CHARS] Spectres regeneration no longer conditioned by day/night cycle.
[CHARS] Fixed bug with Camus having aura before learning the ability.
[CHARS] New character: Benetnasch Eta Folkell.
[CHARS] New character: Cygnus Hyoga.
[GAME] HitPoints per level increased from 19hp to 20hp.
[GAME] HitPoints base increased from 100hp to 200hp.
[HERO SELECTION] Added stat bars on all characters.
[CHARS] Galaxian Explotion's damage nerfed.